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Global Perspectives: Educational Leadership

The University of Worcester, in association with the British Educational Research Association Special Interest Groups for ‘Comparative and International Education’ and ‘Educational Research and Educational Policy-making’, invite you to participate in our fifth international conference entitled Global Perspectives: Educational Leadership taking place on 18th-19th June 2020 at the University of Worcester, UK.

This exciting conference will focus on a number of important themes related to the impact of globalisation and internationalisation on sustainable education. The conference will consider innovative ideas to support new ways of thinking about educating children and leading learning in a world that has developed at a phenomenal rate. Through this conference, we want to challenge and share practice from around the world which consider inclusion, sharing knowledge across the globe, curriculum design and its impact on knowledge generation, globalising teacher education, developing evidence-informed practice and self-improving systems, diversity, global citizenship, and intercultural education with a key focus on leadership of education. This conference takes forward some of the issues explored during last year’s conference entitled ‘Global Perspectives in Re-imagining Education’, where we continued to look at the challenge of education, the commercialisation of education and UNESCO Education 2030: A Framework for Action and Education in a Global Context. This year’s conference will build on concrete solutions which support the UNESCO Education 2030 goals with the aim of allowing partnerships, networks and collaborations to be developed that will take forward some purposeful and real projects to support the development and vision of high-quality sustainable education for all across the world. This is an idea conference for all those who are engaged in working within the global educational forum.

The conference is aimed at researchers, academics, consultants, practitioners, teachers, research students and professionals working in fields such as international, intercultural and comparative education, educational leadership, curriculum development, education policy and practice. It will be a wonderful opportunity to make connections with others in your field and to support strong research-informed practice.

Call for Proposals

We are inviting proposals which address questions of ‘role of leadership and the challenges that exist in the forum of international education and how we ensure that we are able to share good practice in learning and teaching in a global context’ in relation to, for example, curriculum development, teacher skill development, policy and practice; development of higher education; global citizenship; intercultural education and internationalisation of education. Furthermore any research or practice-based work being carried out that will allow for sharing of creative pedagogical approaches would be very welcome. We look forward to proposals which engage with the interconnections and synergies between these different areas and which also challenge us on ways in which we can contribute to positive change.


Proposals are welcomed in the following formats:

  • Paper presentations
  • Workshop/discussion leaders
  • Panel discussion/Q&A

We welcome proposals from individuals and groups of colleagues, from academics and practitioners, and from those working to promote a global approach to teacher education.

Submit a Conference Proposal

Please submit an abstract of 250 words giving an overview of what you would like to present.



Abstract submission deadline

Friday 10th Jan 2020

Acceptance notification 

Friday 28th February 2020

Registration deadline

Monday 8th June 2020

Submit an abstract

NB: By submitting an abstract, you agree that the SIG Convenors will be forwarded your details, similarly if you have any queries regarding abstract submission your query and details may be forwarded to the SIG Convenors.