Gender-related violence and young people: Critical responses in research and practice


‘Sexual and gendered violence is a continuing issue in the lives of young people. Recent events include reporting widespread harassment in schools (Women and equalities report 2016), the political delay in making PSHE statutory and cuts to youth and specialist services. This event aims to bring practitioners, activists and researchers together to consider experiences in the field, areas of concern and discuss new agendas.

The BERA Sexualities & Gender/ Youth and Informal Education SIG are hosting an event at this critical time bringing together scholars, activists and practitioners to consider challenges and new approaches  within young people’s contexts to tackle sex-gender violence. 

Speakers include:

  • Emma Renold (Cardiff University)
  •  Vanita Sundaram (York)
  •  Pam Alldred (Brunel University)
  •  Zahra Tizro (York St John)
  • Janet Batsleer (MMY)

Topics include approaches to sexualities education in school and beyond, tacking gender related violence with youth and HE settings and effective policy, practice and research in this area.

10.30 Registration, tea and coffee
11.00 Intro – session 1 (2 speakers)
11.15 First speaker- Emma Renold (Cardiff University) Rotifers and Ruler-skirts: co-creating ‘Agenda: A Young People’s Guide to Making Positive Relationships Matter (Abstract)

Second Speaker  Vanita Sundaram (York) A continuum of acceptability: using young people’s views on violence to inform cultural change in learning communities
Q&A (10mins) (Abstract)

12.45 Lunch
13.30 Workshops sessions:
Resources of hope. The Feminist Webs archive
14.30 Reconvene and brief summary of points discussed in workshops
14.50 Tea break
15.00 Third speaker-  Pam Alldred & Richard Walker (Brunel University) Tackling GRV in Young People’s Lives: what can be learned from Sexualities Education? (Abstract)
Fourth speaker- Zahra Tizro (TBC)  (25 mins)
& 10 mins Q&A
16.00 Ways ahead politically and practically  for research and practice  (Evaluation forms)
Round table/ World café- key points of the day
16.30 Close of meeting
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