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Past event Part of series: BERA EMC Masterclasses

EMC Masterclass – Working with the news media

Run by the Education Media Centre this highly interactive small group online training session is aimed at early career researchers who want their work to reach non-academic audiences. Participants will be briefed beforehand about what to expect and will be asked to bring along an item – preferably a piece of research – that they would like to share more widely.

Topics covered at this session include:

  • Why should you communicate about your work?
  • When is it best to publicise a piece of work or a project?
  • Where to go, who to talk to
  • What will they want to know?
  • Building relationships
  • Language and style
  • Practical exercise – draft press release

Structure of the session:

10:00 Introductory exercise
10:15 Publicising your research: Why, when, where, what and how. Example.
11:15 Coffee
11:30 Preparation for practical exercise
11:35 Writing exercise
12:15 Feedback
12:45 Working with your university press office; building contacts
12:55 Questions
13:00 End of session


Participating in a BERA Virtual event

  • You will be sent the link to the event at least 3 days before the event. If you register in the last few days you will be sent the link within 24 hours
  • This event will take place on Zoom
  • For the best viewing experience please use a laptop or computer
  • This is an interactive event so your video and audio will need to be available to participate
  • It is best to check your connection at least 10 minutes before the event, and any problems the BERA technical team may be able to assist


Profile picture of Fran Abrams
Fran Abrams, Ms

Trustee at Education Media Centre

Fran began reporting on education for the Birmingham Post and Mail in 1988, and went on to be Education Correspondent of the Sunday Times, the Sunday Correspondent, the Sunday Telegraph and the Independent. She later worked as Westminster...

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