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Past event

CHAT: Possible Futures – Advancing Research in Cultural Historical Activity Theory



Registration online is now closed. However if you would still like to attend this event please email

The aims of this one-day SIG event are to explore the diverse applications in CHAT and to discuss the different bodies of work that are developing under its influence. The event is organised to provide researchers with the opportunity to critically evaluate the use and contribution of CHAT to research methodologies across a diverse range of topics and contexts. Through discussions and debates held in a constructive and reflective environment, we will collaboratively generate new ideas and areas for development in CHAT and educational research.


10.00-10.30 Registration and Coffee
10.30-10.35 Welcome from Geoff Hayward
10.35-11.30 Keynote: Relational Expertise: What Does It Offer? Anne Edwards
11.30-12.00 Discussion: Sharing Perspectives
  The aim of this segment is for focused discussions in response to Keynote themes of inter professional collaborations and knowledge exchange
12.00-13.00 Presentations (15+15+15 plus 15 minutes Q&A)
  These papers will focus on an analysis of applications of CHAT.
  ·        Collaborative Learning in Mathematical Modelling Tasks; P. Hernandez- Martinez & H.Harth
  ·        Object of Activity, Self, and Motives for Workplace Learning; M.C.Migliore, IRES Piemonte
  ·        Skills and Capabilities in Scientific Collaboration: a CHAT Perspective; I.Kinti & G.Hayward
13.00-14.00 Lunch and Poster Presentations
  Teachers Learning from Collaboration Reconciling practicalities and complex institutional demands through collaborative reflection; K. Munk
  Identity Challenges of Senior Managers when Organisations Change; T. Rodriguez
  Graduate Transition to Work: from Skills towards Horizontal Expertise; J. Popov
  Students’ Tools and their Potential; M.Anastasakis
  A Theoretical Narrative of Post-16 ‘Choices’ and Progression; V. Farnsworth
14.00-15.00 Presentations (15+15+15 plus 15 minutes Q&A)
  These papers have been grouped as providing us with a shift to a more conceptual reflection on method and theory of CHAT
  ·        Exploring the Ontological Affinity of Peirce and Vygotsky for cultural-historical activity theory; J. Ma
  ·        Emotions in the Classroom; M. Encinas
  ·        Mapping Partnership Practice and Activity; P. Burnard
15.00-16.00 ‘Speed Dating’ With CHAT Methods:
  In this session we will engage with three roundtable themed discussions.
  Table 1: Change and Development, facilitated by M. Encinas and C. Bordogna
  Table 2: Crossing Boundaries, facilitated by P. Burnard and Y. Liu
  Table 3: Subjectivity and Agency, facilitated by V. Farnsworth
16.00-16.45 Creating Impact: Advancing CHAT Research
  The purpose of this session is to share ideas on how this community might move forward with publications, collaborations, and/or future events.
16.45-17.00 Closing Endnotes: Possible Futures Summarised; Anne Edwards and Geoff Hayward
17.00 Close of meeting

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