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Upcoming event

Build your own gender and sexualities symposium: A networking and planning event

This online event will enable members and non-members to:

  • Meet the SIG convenors
  • Connecting SIG members virtually through online tools such as breakout rooms, Padlet, and a shared common space
  • Discussion and reflection on BERA 2023 and what we are looking forward to for BERA 2024
  • Building membership through inviting potential non-SIG members to join the SIG
  • Sharing previous accepted and rejected abstracts and ideas for new abstracts (individual papers, symposium and workshops)
  • Planning and polling SIG members for ideas of future events/meetings
    *This event will not be recorded

SIG Convenors

Profile picture of Kayden Schumacher
Kayden Schumacher, Mx

PhD Scholar at Coventry University

Enthusiastic social sciences researcher and practitioner, with passion, an open-mind, and empathy combined with a diverse educational background and motivation to make an impact on the world. Currently completing my PhD at Coventry University in...

Profile picture of Kate Marston
Kate Marston, Dr

Lecturer at Cardiff University

I am a Lecturer in Education with a particular interest in young people's gender and sexual cultures, digital relationships and creative, visual and arts-based methods. My teaching and research is driven by a passion for creating social change...

Profile picture of EJ Renold
EJ Renold, Professor

Professor of Childhood Studies at Cardiff University

EJ Renold is a professor of Childhood Studies at the School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University. They are the author of Girls, Boys and Junior Sexualities (2005), Children, Sexuality and Sexualisation (with Ringrose and Egan, 2015) and the...