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Beyond ‘Panic and Crisis Schooling’: Aiming for ‘Deep’ Learning in Remote and Hybrid Environments

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The SDG agenda reflects growing recognition that human success and resilience in the 21st century is no longer about accumulating knowledge, but about extrapolating from what we know and applying that knowledge creatively in novel situations, thinking across disciplinary silos, making evidence-based decisions, being emotionally competent, and amplifying each other’s strengths in collaborative partnerships that seek to promote individual well-being and identify creative solutions to societal challenges. To date, however, and despite a general consensus on its transformative potential, educational technology has mainly been used to simply automate traditional models of teaching, as though the goal were to continue pursuing a narrow set of learning goals related to preparation for an industrial economy. PISA 2018 revealed that while on average across OECD countries nearly half of 15-year-olds were in schools with an effective online learning platform, direct instruction remained the most common activity in which students engaged at school.

This webinar will feature a free-flowing conversation with Joanne Quinn, author of Dive Into Deep Learning: Tools for Engagement and Co-Founder and Global Director of the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning, a global innovation partnership with schools across ten countries focussed on transforming learning. It will consider real-world examples of ways in which technology is already acting as a catalyst for a shift towards deep learning models in remote and/or hybrid K-12 settings internationally. The webinar will culminate by exploring how such fringe practices could become mainstream.

Questions/comments from participants will be invited throughout the webinar and will be used to guide the conversation.


Profile picture of Lydia Lymperis
Lydia Lymperis, Dr

Education Policy Researcher, RAND Europe at Rand Europe

Lydia Lymperis holds an MA in Education from the University of Nottingham and is currently a doctoral candidate in the School of Education at Newcastle University, where she also works as a Graduate Teaching Assistant on the MA Applied...

Profile picture of Francesco Maiorana
Francesco Maiorana, Mr

Instructor at University of Urbino

Francesco Maiorana is an independent researcher at University of Urbino Department of Pure and Applied Science, a former Computer Science Instructor at the Department of Computer Science, Kansas State University, a Scientix ambassador, and a...


Profile picture of Joanne Quinn
Joanne Quinn

Global Director at New Pedagogies for Deep Learning(NPDL)

Joanne Quinn is an international consultant, speaker and author on learning, leadership and system change. As co-founder and Global Director of New Pedagogies for Deep Learning, she leads a global innovation partnership focused on transforming...

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