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Past event

Advancing Creativities Research: Making Connections across Diverse Settings



Online registration has now closed. If you want to attend this event, please email for details of how to register onsite.

This one day conference on creativities research seeks to draw together interested colleagues from diverse settings, including homes, communities, schooling and Higher education to explore what making connections between research and practice in such contexts might afford. The day will offer opportunities for discussion and debate and the exploration of ways forward.

Considering the implications of diverse and variegated creativities, the nexus of education, cultural and creative industries, learning cultures and innovative practices, the focus of discussion across the day will move from classrooms to communities, higher education to industries, with insights from new research-based trends and issues informing practices and programmes that promote inclusive supportive environments.

With contributions from seminal scholars in the field of creativities research, this conference examines the ways in which diverse creativities are being taught, or advocated for, in primary and secondary education settings, and within and across higher education institutions worldwide.

The implications for what and how diverse creativities should be taught is examined in light of the ideological, sociocultural, political, and economic trends influencing education. Other questions posed include: What are the challenges and opportunities for creativities, and their practices, now and in the future?

10.00 Registration and Coffee
10.30 Welcome
Prof Geoff Hayward  (purpose/timeliness/cross sectorial)
10.33 Afrodita (a performative expression on creativities research)
10.34 Housekeeping
Pam (structure and timing of the day/locations/housekeeping drill)

Invited speakers will be seated at the front of the room at a Panel Table

10.35 Early Years/Primary sectors
Jenny Gibson
10.48 Secondary sector
Kerry Chappell
11.01 HE and Lifewide Sectors
Norman Jackson

Researching creativity and wellbeing Across Sectors
Ros McLellan

1.15 Forum questions to the panel

Table Discussion: Sharing Perspectives
Focused on a specific Sector Mapping; A Representational Task which invites the community to collective share of the latest creativities research they are doing or others  which link to each sector


Paper Presentations
Presenters will focus on innovations in practice and research

  • Teresa Cremin: Creative Early Years Science
  • Jo Trowsdale: Developing STEAM education in Upper Primary
  • Tatjana Dragovic: Creative learning: From HE to Industry
  • Pam Burnard: The Imperative of Diverse Creativities in School, Academia and Industry
  • Bill Nicoll: Designing our tomorrow
12.40 Table Discussions: Making connections – Extensions – Challenges
Connect: How are the ideas and information presented connected to what you already know?
Extend: What new ideas did you get that or pushed your thinking in new directions?
Challenge: What is still challenging or confusing for you to get your mind around? What questions, wonderings or puzzlements do you now have?
13.00 Lunch and Poster Presentations (Open Call)

Table Discussions: The intention here is to draw together from the day (i) within- and cross-sector significance of and (ii) advancements in creativities research for:

  • Table 1: Assessing diverse creativities (facilitator Pam Burnard)
  • Table 2: Subject disciplinarities and STEM-to-STEAM (facilitator Jo Trowsdale)
  • Table 3: Connecting creativity, wisdom and wellbeing (facilitator Ros McLellan)
  • Table 4: Secondary school sectors (facilitator Kerry Chappell)
  • Table 5: Early Years and Primary School sectors (Facilitators Teresa Cremin and Jenny Gibson)
  • Table 6: The HE  sector (Facilitator Norman Jackson)
  • Table 7: Design, Technology and Industries (Facilitator Bill Nicholl)
  • Table 8: Community and arts organisations (Facilitator Tatjana Dragovic)

The idea is to scope areas that might form briefs for a possible future publication, research collaborations and co-authorships.

15.00 Comfort break
15.15 The 2nd Anna Craft Memorial Lecture given by Professor Guy Claxton  ‘Visceral creativity: embodiment , ethics and the creative process’
16.15 Closing Endnotes
16.20 Drinks Reception