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Tanya Ovenden-Hope

Council Election Statement

Profile picture of Tanya Ovenden-Hope
Tanya Ovenden-Hope, Professor

Professor of Education & Dean at Plymouth Marjon University

Professor Tanya Ovenden-Hope is Provost and Professor of Education at Plymouth Marjon University. In 2018 she developed and opened Marjon University Cornwall based in Truro, which she leads. Tanya is a committed and enthusiastic educationalist...

I was elected to BERA Council in September 2020 and in this time have effectively performed the duties of a BERA Trustee, as well as as a member of the Engagement Committee, an active SIG Convenor and have developed opportunities with education professional bodies for BERA. I would welcome the opportunity to be elected for a second term to build on this work, and realise the full vision of the BERA Strategic Plan (2021 – 2026).

I have been a BERA Member since 2000, and have worked in Education since 1990 across sectors in a range of teaching, research and leadership roles. Throughout this time I have engaged in educational research and experienced robust research practice in schools, colleges and universities. BERA’s Strategic Plan Mission includes ‘build [ing] capacity for carrying out educational research’, which it is doing by supporting educational researchers in all settings and at all phases of their career. I have advocated as a BERA Council Member for inclusive opportunities for school and college-based researchers and will continue to do so if I am re-elected. As our BERA Values state:

“In our work and our actions we will be rigorous, ethical, inclusive, collaborative and ambitious.”

As a Trustee I have attempted to govern with integrity to support BERA meeting its strategic objectives, as well as overseeing its financial health and that its behaviours align with its charitable aims. I have followed the Nolan principles to ensure that BERA is acting for public benefit, within the law and that your membership fee is managed responsibly to secure the best resources. I have used my wider governance experience to ensure BERA is accountable, while using my professional experience to support developments that enhance BERAs reputation and secure new opportunities for engagement and impact.

I have been a committed Council Member and Trustee in my first term and would welcome the opportunity to continue to represent the interests of members, and complete the objectives of our strategic plan, for a second.