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BERA Conference 2016

12 September 2016 to 15 September 2016Leeds

Conference Committee

Conference Committee Chair
Felicity Wikeley

Canterbury Christ Church University
 Felicity Wikeley
Mhairi Beaton
University of Aberdeen
 Mhairi Beaton Gerry Czerniawski
University of East London
Gerry Czerniawski 

Sue Ellis
University of Strathclyde

Sue Ellis Joanne Hughes
Queen’s University, Belfast
Joanna Hughes
Vini Lander
Edge Hill University
Vini Lander
Ian Potter
Bay House School and Sixth Form
Ian Potter
Liz Todd
University of Newcastle
Liz Todd    


Why attend?

For educational researchers the BERA Annual Conference is an important date in their professional year. It provides the opportunity to:

  • network with existing colleagues
  • support new colleagues at the start of their careers
  • establish the beginnings of new collaborations
  • exchange ideas with like-minded colleagues; and sometimes more profitably, with non-like-minded colleagues
  • make new links with potential publishers or funders
  • learn about research outside your own area and investigate possible connections
  • indulge in discussions of ‘blue sky’ research that reminds you why you are a researcher

Seasoned BERA delegates could probably add several more reasons of their own as to why they return but for most it is about being part of a community of researchers. A community that is dynamic and changes over time; not just in terms of its members but in the way it does things. Participating in a vibrant conference is one way of making sure that you contribute to that change.