BERA is delighted to confirm the following Keynote Speakers:

  • Professor Gemma Moss, University of Bristol

    Gemma Moss is Professor at the University of Bristol. She has been a member of BERA Council since 2010, and before that was convenor of the BERA SIG, Educational Research and Educational Policymaking. She is interested in the shifting relationships between policy makers, practitioners and stakeholders that are re-shaping the literacy curriculum; and the use […]

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  • Professor Paul Connolly, Queen’s University Belfast

    Paul Connolly is Professor of Education and Head of the School of Education at Queen’s University Belfast. His main areas of expertise include: diversity and inclusion in early childhood; evaluating the effectiveness of educational programmes and interventions; and quantitative methods and statistical analysis in education. He is founding Director of Una: The Global Learning Initiative […]

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  • Professor Cynthia Coburn, Northwestern University, Chicago

    Cynthia E. Coburn is professor at the School of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University in Chicago. She specializes in policy implementation, the relationship between research and practice, data use, and scale up of innovation. She has studied research use in schools and districts since 2002, including co-directing a six-year cross-case study of innovative […]

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