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The Society for Educational Studies Annual Book Award

The Society for Educational Studies annual book award for 2018 has been awarded to A Social History of Educational Studies and Research (published by Routledge) by Gary McCulloch and Steven Cowan based at the UCL Institute of Education.

This book examines the development of the study of education in the UK in its broader educational, social and political context since its early beginnings in the first part of the twentieth century, and is the first comprehensive study of its type.  It appraises the contribution made by university departments of education, journals, textbooks, conferences, centres and academic societies.  It also discusses the problems and opportunities facing the study of education today.  The work draws on documentary sources, social network analysis and interviews with leading figures from across the field.

BERA is prominent in the book, including its origins in the 1970s and the significant role of its conferences and journals.

Gary McCulloch is Brian Simon Professor of the History of Education at the UCL Institute of Education and previous president of the British Educational Research Association; Steven Cowan is a researcher in the history of education.  

The book is in the ‘Foundations and Futures of Education, book series – series editors Peter Aggleton, Sally Power and Michael Reiss.  Acknowledgements are also due to Professor James Thomas (UCL IOE) for his contribution to the network analysis in chapter 5 and to Professor Gemma Moss (UCL IOE) who was a member of the original project team.


More information about the book can be found here:

Award Winner

Gary McCulloch, Professor

BERA Past-President at UCL, Institute of Education

Gary McCulloch is the inaugural Brian Simon Professor of the History of Education at the founding director of the International Centre for Historical research in Education at UCL Institute of Education.  He was (2017-2019) the president of the...

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