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BERA is celebrating Black History Month

To celebrate Black History Month, BERA is highlighting a range of noteworthy contributions in our latest work promoting race, diversity, and equity in education. 

Research Intelligence issue 156:

Intersectionality: Teaching & learning in UK schools

The last issue of Research Intelligence focused on the theme of Intersectionality as ‘a useful concept to understand the impact of the multiple inequalities children face in schools and to take action in research, policy and practice with an equity agenda.’

Read full issue below: 

Recent BERA Blogs

Explore our recent BERA blogs discussing decolonisation, curriculum, and institutional racism in education institutions.

Publication Series

Race & Education: BERA Small Grants Fund research reports

This series of reports presents the findings and recommendations of five research projects that have investigated aspects of race and ethnicity across the education sector.

Supported by BERA’s Small Grants Fund (SGF), this work is part of the association’s commitment to address the structural and institutional inequities and unjust power imbalances that affect our members and the wider research community, as set out in our Race Equality Policy


While this podcast was recorded in 2021, we would like to highlight it as a valuable resource to listen to this Black History Month for information about why straight talk about racial identities is essential to facilitate communication across racial and ethnic divides.

Ongoing project

Education: The State of the Discipline. Staff equality in UK higher education

This report is the second publication from the Education: The State of the Discipline initiative and contributes to a more detailed understanding of issues of equality, inequality, diversity and discrimination for academic staff working in universities in the discipline of education. The report shares the findings of a study that analysed existing statistical data relating to the composition and employment of these staff in the UK and in each of the devolved nations: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.