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The unspoken power of collage

‘Collages manage to satisfy all of my madness. I’m able to make these obsessive things but then I’m also able to make these very strong statements… in my mind they have a very strong...

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  • Suzanne Culshaw

Blog post12 Feb 2018

Making sense of education as a field of study

The study of education consists of a range of traditions with distinct origins, purposes and foci. Judge and colleagues have shown how education developed as a field of study in markedly different...

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  • Geoff Whitty (convenor)
  • John Furlong
  • Gary McCulloch
  • Jim Hordern

Blog post24 Nov 2017

Close-to-practice research project

BERA has identified close-to-practice research as an area of interest for the Association, and many BERA members are also committed to such work in the context of teacher education and...

Completed project