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The pervasive binary Vs Queer Youth

I was invited to write this blog piece as a request for a piece on Transgenderism through the Sexuality’s SIG and couldn’t help but see tension and conflict within this request. This tension...

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  • Michael Phillips

Blog post30 Aug 2016

Nationalism in History Education

Nationalist far-right parties have recently gained popularity in Europe and the United States. The current rise of xenophobic populism is connected to a broader backlash against changing...

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  • Rachel Hutchins

Blog post27 Jul 2016

Wales and the politics of education

On the 5th May 2016, the people of Wales went to the polls to elect members of the National Assembly – to which all matters of education policy in the country are devolved. The outcome of the...

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  • Sally Power

Blog post14 Jul 2016

Unauthorised Absences

If there’s one issue on which Mumsnet users all tend to agree, it’s the importance of education. Not all of them would necessarily say that ‘education’ and ‘schooling’ are exactly the...

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  • Justine Roberts

Blog post7 Jul 2016