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Going beyond evidence

I offer here a reflexive comment on the BERA blog. Its stated aim is: ‘to provide research-informed content on key educational issues in an accessible manner’, for ‘policy-makers, parents,...

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  • Martyn Hammersley

Blog post14 Dec 2016

Transgender Equality Inquiry

In January of this year, the Women and Equalities Select Committee released its report of its inquiry into transgender equality. The inquiry comprised of evidence from transgender community...

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  • Rebecca Swenson

Blog post12 Dec 2016

How realistic is social mobility?

We hear a lot about social mobility, especially during elections. Political parties and governments often use social mobility (alongside keywords such as opportunity, potential and justice) as a...

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  • Billy Wong

Blog post29 Nov 2016

Social Mobility and the Family

Social mobility has become an essential policy solution, an apparent panacea for inequality, injustice and unfairness (Hoskins & Barker, 2014). The idea of individuals transcending their...

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  • Bernard Barker

Blog post29 Nov 2016