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The essence of social pedagogy

This short text aims to shed some light on the education of first year child welfare pedagogues in Norway. These are undergraduates and social pedagogy is mandated in their education and...

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  • Paul Stephens

Blog post28 Oct 2016

Reflections on ICET 2016

The 60th World Assembly of the International Council for Education for Teaching (ICET) took place in Kingston Jamaica on 18-21 July, and included keynotes from: the Hon. Errol Miller, former...

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  • James Noble-Rogers

Blog post31 Aug 2016

Nationalism in History Education

Nationalist far-right parties have recently gained popularity in Europe and the United States. The current rise of xenophobic populism is connected to a broader backlash against changing...

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  • Rachel Hutchins

Blog post27 Jul 2016

Explaining Trump’s Rise, Educationally

The rise of Donald Trump as front running Republican Party presidential candidate in the United States has startled many left-liberal leaning members of the society, and captured the attention of...

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  • Liz Jackson

Blog post6 May 2016

Tree of Life

The existing research indicates a need for flexible psychosocial strengths based tool well suited to working with children and adults who have had traumatic or difficult life histories. The Tree...

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  • Samantha Lock

Blog post11 Apr 2016