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Living with Research

The English education system is riddled with contradictions and the call for teaching to become more of a research based profession is just one of them. This call raises a number of problems for...

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  • Lisa Pettifer

Blog post5 Oct 2015

(Not) Being Seen as Students

With new students arriving in campuses across the country, now is a good a time as any to think about what it means to be, and to be seen as, a student in the UK. In July the Independent...

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  • Alex Wardrop

Blog post2 Oct 2015

Reflections on education in 2015

“The first step in solving a problem is recognizing that there is one.”- Will McAvoy, ‘The Newsroom’, 2012. This should be extremely obvious, yet within our education system, we face a...

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  • Lord Puttnam

Blog post7 Sep 2015

Research Matters

A colleague recently applauded the professionalism of educators, quoting in particular the ‘inquisitive minds’ they possess. The positive definitions of inquisitiveness - inclined to...

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  • Alison Jackson

Blog post28 Aug 2015