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The ‘nationalisation’ of schools

White Papers are unusual nowadays. Usually Secretaries of State rush too hastily to legislation which, in consequence of the haste, creates new and unforeseen problems. the Secretary of State...

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  • Tim Brighouse

Blog post21 Mar 2016

Poverty and Policy Advocacy

The Research Commission on Poverty and Policy Advocacy Child poverty is increasing in the UK. But how does that play out differently in the four UK jurisdictions, in relation to education? How do...

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Thatcher the State School Snatcher

Recently critiques of Academisation have focused on themes broadly relating to educational marketisation, (quasi)-privatisation, financialisation and corporatization. To understand these processes...

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  • Alpesh Maisuria

Blog post11 Nov 2015

Can we learn together?

I wrote this whilst at BERA conference in Belfast and pondered the extent to which we can deepen the links between the school system and HEIs in England. From a school leader perspective I see a...

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  • Ian Potter

Blog post27 Oct 2015