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Thatcher the State School Snatcher

Recently critiques of Academisation have focused on themes broadly relating to educational marketisation, (quasi)-privatisation, financialisation and corporatization. To understand these processes...

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  • Alpesh Maisuria

Blog post11 Nov 2015

Can we learn together?

I wrote this whilst at BERA conference in Belfast and pondered the extent to which we can deepen the links between the school system and HEIs in England. From a school leader perspective I see a...

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  • Ian Potter

Blog post27 Oct 2015

Reflections on education in 2015

“The first step in solving a problem is recognizing that there is one.”- Will McAvoy, ‘The Newsroom’, 2012. This should be extremely obvious, yet within our education system, we face a...

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  • Lord Puttnam

Blog post7 Sep 2015

Post 2015 general election thoughts…

In the post 2015 general election period there are a range of issues that we as researchers need to think about when we are writing about education policy. Let me illuminate these with one...

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  • Helen Gunter

Blog post12 Jun 2015