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Biscuits or Banquets?

Becoming a lifetime reader is dependent on developing a love of reading[1] and few would argue against the fact that the ability and motivation to read impacts on the life chances of all...

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  • Maureen Hunt

Blog post21 Jul 2017

Are we all ready in 2017?

The formalisation process which the review shows has been happening in Early Childhood Education, particularly since 2010, has moved into a new phase in 2016-17. The OECD has been considering a...

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  • Phillip Hood

Blog post15 Jun 2017

Play and Pedagogy

Carrying out the research for the section on Play and Pedagogy was a pleasure. This was because the field of play scholarship is extensive, international, multi-disciplinary and progressive in...

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  • Elizabeth Wood
  • Liz Chesworth

Blog post15 Jun 2017

Giving a Voice to Mothers

My work on the Parenting chapter of the BERA/ TACTYC Review of the Early Years Literature triggered some questions that I felt compelled to further investigate. The literature that I accessed...

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  • Pam Jarvis

Blog post15 Jun 2017