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Mette Anwar-Westander

Mette Anwar-Westander (pronoun indifferent) is the founding director of Disabled Students UK (, recognised by Shaw Trust as one of the most influential disabled-led...

Headshot photograph of Mette Anwar-Westander


Chris Holmes

Chris Holmes has been a member of the House of Lords since 2013 and is a member of the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee. His core policy focus is on digital technology for...

Headshot photograph of Chris Holmes


Suanne Gibson

Suanne Gibson is an associate professor of Inclusive Education at Plymouth University. She has previously acted as interim director for Plymouth Institute of Education (2019–21), been associate...

Headshot photograph of Suanne Gibson


Jen Shute

Jen Shute is a research assistant at the University of Plymouth Institute of Education. Her interests lie in special educational needs and inclusion, stemming from more than 20 years as a special...

Headshot photograph of Jen Shute


Francesca Peruzzo

Francesca Peruzzo is a research fellow at the School of Education at the University of Birmingham (UK). Her research interests lie in the intersection between politics and state theory, inclusion,...

Headshot photograph of Francesca Peruzzo


Vikki Anderson

Vikki Anderson is a teaching fellow in the School of Education’s Disability, Inclusion and Special Needs Department at the University of Birmingham where she teaches on the PG Cert Dyslexia and...

Headshot photograph of Vikki Anderson


Nina Kearney

Nina Kearney is a project manager focusing on strategic projects within the Planning and Analytics team at the University of Plymouth. She has prior experience leading widening participation...

Headshot photograph of Nina Kearney


James Boote

James Boote is the student learning manager at the University of Plymouth, overseeing learning development and peer learning programmes across the institution.

Headshot photograph of James Boote


Cara Baer

Cara Baer is a PhD student, lecturer and researcher at the University of Plymouth (UK). She is also involved in the University of Plymouth’s Student Learning team as a member of the Writing...

Headshot photograph of Cara Baer


Joanne O’Keeffe

Dr Joanne O’Keeffe is a Researcher in the School of Social Sciences Education and Social Work at Queen’s University Belfast. Joanne’s work is driven by her interest in addressing...

Headshot photograph of Joanne O'Keeffe


Jason Arday

Jason Arday, PhD is Professor of Sociology of Education at the University of Glasgow, School of Education, College of Social Sciences. Previously, Professor Arday was Associate Professor in...

Photograph of Jason Arday


Vassilis Sideropoulos

Vassilis Sideropoulos is a senior research technician in the Department of Psychology and Human Development at University College London (UCL), Faculty of Education and Society (IOE). He studies...

Headshot photograph of Vassilis Sideropoulos