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7 March 2018

Research Intelligence issue 135: Public Engagement and Impact Featuring: Socially critical research at the research/policy interface USVreact: Universities Supporting Victims of Sexual Violence Computing in the Curriculum: Identifying and responding to the challenges The view from...Read More


1 November 2017

Research Intelligence Issue 134: Emerging Research Agendas: Conclusions from BERA's Research Intelligence: Featuring: Poverty and Policy Advocacy Teacher and Medical Education STEAM    Read More


18 July 2017

Research Intelligence Issue 133: Methodological Challenges Delivering and Evaluating Interventions in War-Affected, Low-Income Countries Theories of Change and their application in policy and practice Featuring: Christine Salzer John Jerrim John McMullen Nick Tilley Paul E....Read More

The European Educational Research Journal (EERJ)

10 July 2017

The European Educational Research Journal (EERJ) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal interested in the changing landscape of education research across Europe. The EERJ publishes education research papers and special issues which include a reflection on how the European context and other...Read More


14 February 2017

Research Intelligence Issue 132 - Researching Marginalised GroupsRead More

The BERA/SAGE Handbook of Educational Research.

13 February 2017

Providing a comprehensive account of education research today, SAGE Publishing launches The BERA/SAGE Handbook of Educational Research. The Handbook provides a comprehensive guide for researchers, both new and existing, as well as a resource to prompt further thinking about broader issues...Read More