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Why Educational Research Matters

In the summer of 2013, BERA  published a briefing paper entitled ‘Why Educational Research Matters’. This was drawn from our contribution to the recent Comprehensive Spending Review and was based upon case studies supplied by members. By showcasing some of the most effective pieces of research in recent years this document showed the positive impact on policy and practice.

As the paper’s conclusion argues, “the case studies summarised here are a drop in the ocean and are placed against a backdrop of significant achievement in educational research, including successful initiatives like the TLRP. Research has been vital in recent years in helping us understand how children learn and how we can continue to close the attainment gap. The revolution in Early Years policy and practice could not have occurred or been as effective without a deep understanding of cause and impact generated by the research base. These examples also provide examples of the role of educational research in supporting the development of a knowledge economy and in providing a knowledge base for facing future economic, social and global challenges.”