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BERA Staff

Marie Blythe

Events Manager at BERA

Marie’s main role is to manage the annual Conference, whilst also assisting the SIGs with their events programme, and managing other events the BERA office runs.

Working as a Project Manager at the PCO in her previous role, Marie managed a full portfolio of international congresses, conferences and courses. Her previous experience at another membership organisation lends itself more closely to BERA – working with members to run events, increase membership and promote the organisation to reach its strategic objectives.

Working for both a commercial company and charity has provided her with invaluable insights into how events are run extremely professionally, whilst understanding the limitations and budgetary constraints of working with a charity.

Marie is a passionate movie fan and collector. She has also been learning British Sign Language, and has  successfully completed Level 1.

Marie Blythe's contributions

BERA Staff

BERA has a small central, professional office, based at UCL IOE in Bloomsbury, designed to manage the day-to-day business of the Association. Its work is overseen by an Executive Director...