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BERA Opportunity

Educational Leadership Convenor 2023-2026

The Educational Leadership SIG is concerned with how educational institutions in all sectors (compulsory and post-compulsory; state and private) and all contexts are governed and managed, and how the personnel within them are led.

We are interested in institutional working practices including the moral, social, cultural and political positioning adopted by them, together with the processes involved in developing these, ultimately for the benefit of learners. These interests extend beyond the UK; many of us are engaged in the research and scholarship of educational leadership and management in overseas contexts.

Questions such as how people work together, how they work with local communities, the influences upon them of both the internal and external environment and the impacts of these issues on learners are all important aspects of the remit of this SIG.

Some of our members undertake empirical research; others develop theory and theoretical perspectives; and some are involved in practitioner research.

Our membership includes the whole spectrum of academic experience and status: from early career researchers to distinguished professors.

We also welcome practitioners – both leaders and the led – and those whose work involves policy making and implementation, including local authority administrative personnel.

The SIG is recruiting an Convenor to work along the existing convenors.

SIG Convenors are volunteers whose main role is to co-ordinate, oversee and develop the mission and activities of each particular SIG. The SIG is there to represent the views of their members, not of individual convenors.

SIG Convenors should expect to work within all the guidelines and advice provided by the BERA Office. These are in place to ensure good practice and that all legal, financial and insurance matters are taken care of and that any risks to individuals or organisations are minimised. In particular with regard to planning events, activities or any expenditure, SIGs should all follow BERA’s appropriate guidelines and procedures.

By agreeing to assume a position of SIG convenor, individuals are committing to fulfilling the responsibilities and obligations that go with that role. SIG Convenors are expected to exercise their own judgment to meet the requirements listed in BERA guidance and to seek further advice from the BERA Office if in any doubt on any of these matters. If any procedures are not followed then BERA reserves the right to take whatever action may be necessary to protect BERA’s legal, financial and reputational position.

The annual responsibilities for SIG Convenors can be found in this document.

If you would like to be considered (below are the details of the role, remits and appointment of a convenor):

Key aspects of the Convenors’ role include:

  • Preparing text for a regular (ideally once per term) newsletter to SIG members.
  • Hosting at least one annual SIG forum meeting for all members (organised via the BERA office)
  • Encouraging submissions of individual papers and symposia for BERA conference.
  • Reviewing abstracts or acting as a third reviewer.
  • Grouping together abstracts for the conference.
  • Succession planning.

Other responsibilities detailed in the handbook are:

  • SIG events
  • SIG Forum Meetings
  • BERA Conference
  • Communications
  • Social media
  • Financial and administrative support
  • Annual Review and oversight
  • Networking and opportunities

If multiple expressions of interest are received an election may be run.

The deadline to apply is the 31 July 2023.

Please click above to apply.