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Call for New Committee Members

We are pleased to announce a call for new members to BERA’s standing committees. As a matter of good practice, we like to bring new voices onto these committees at regular intervals and this year we are looking for people to serve on the Publications Committee, Engagement Committee, and Conference & Events Committee. Depending on the number of applications received, there is scope for more than one member to join each committee.  

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The closing date for submissions of interest is Friday 9th July 2021.

Committee members take an active and invaluable role in BERA’s activity and maintaining the successes of the organisation. Throughout the duration of the current Strategic Plan, BERA has gone from strength to strength evidenced by; a record level of membership in 2021, initiating a widely attended programme of virtual events, the development of the digital resources page, increased submissions to and readership of all four of our journals, and record amounts of funding awarded for research. All committees have contributed significantly towards these successes.

Despite the uncertainty and impact of Covid-19 on our activities, BERA remains in a strong position, both financially and reputationally. We are currently updating our ambitious strategic plan for the next five-year period and BERA’s committees will be heavily involved with its implementation.

As part of BERA’s commitment to equality and diversity throughout all levels of the association, we acknowledge the structural inequalities and unjust power imbalances that affect our members, and wish to be proactive in addressing this throughout all levels of the association.  We are confident that BERA will benefit from the advantages that diversity brings, including different skills, life experiences and backgrounds, bringing a fresh perspective to the board. Therefore, we will be prioritising the recruitment of people with an ethnic minority background for these roles.

Publications Committee ensure BERA’s publications portfolio is well managed and upholds the highest academic standards, while keeping a watching brief of developments within the publishing field.

Engagement Committee ensure BERA supports its members appropriately in light of the strategic plan, and oversees the programme of awards and fellowships. 

Conference & Events Committee ensure the Annual Conference and in-year events are in line with BERA’s strategic priorities, while upholding the highest academic standards.

The full committee remits can be found here.

The commitment is not particularly onerous but those who volunteer are expected to attend meetings as well as carry out some work between those meetings. Committees normally meet three per year (likely to be two held virtually, and one held in central London, full reasonable expenses paid), and it offers a good overview of the workings of the Association and a chance to contribute to the discipline. Candidates must be fully paid-up members of BERA and remain so throughout their tenure (normally 3 years as an initial appointment with the option of renewal).

To discuss any of roles and responsibilities of the committees further, please contact

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