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The BERA-SAGE International Handbook of Research-Informed Education Policy and Practice – Call for Authors

The British Educational Research Association and SAGE Publishers have agreed a contract to publish a two volume 60 chapter work provisionally titled The BERA-SAGE International Handbook of Research-Informed Education Policy and Practice. The editors of the handbook are Dominic Wyse (University College London – UCL), Vivienne Baumfield (University of Exeter), Nicole Mockler (University of Sydney) and Martin Reardon (East Carolina University – ECU). The aim of the work is to provide a comprehensive contemporary account of research in the field of research-informed education policy and practice (see appendix for plain language outline of the themes of the work).

Call for authors

This is an open call for proposed authors for the chapters of the handbook. To reflect our approach to inclusion we are seeking to ensure that the chapters are authored by a diverse range of people who have the appropriate expertise relevant to the handbook. 

Authorship of a chapter must include one author with a demonstrable international research track record in a field relevant to research-informed education. The author team should also include at least one author who is towards the beginning of their academic career.

The topics of the six parts of the handbook volumes are as follows:

Part One – Defining and Theorising Research-Informed Education

Part Two – Methodological Debates in the Field

Part Three – International Comparison and Educational Policy

Part Four – Effective policy and practice in national contexts

Part Five – Curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment

Part Six – Practitioners and learners as researchers

Checklist of requirements for the proposal document

  • One MS Word document of a maximum of 500 words that outlines the contents and nature of the proposed chapter.
  • Reference list included in the proposal document (not part of 500 words maximum).
  • A maximum one-page CV for each author included as an appendix to the proposal document. CVs should demonstrate authors’ track record in the field of the chapter as relevant to the handbook.
  • Nomination of two parts of the handbook (from parts one to part six above) where prospective authors think their chapter might best fit in the handbook.
  • Three keywords summing up the focus of the chapter.

Criteria to judge proposals

A proposal should meet all the following criteria in order to be considered for inclusion in the handbook:

  1. Proposal includes one author with demonstrable international track record in the field that is the focus of the chapter.
  2. Proposal includes one early career author with expertise in the topic of the chapter.
  3. Clear focus on research-informed education practice and/or policy.
  4. Content of the proposed chapter is appropriate, in terms of breadth and depth, for an international audience of researchers and academics including masters’ level and doctoral students.
  5. Strong and explicit understanding of theoretical aspects of the topic of the chapter.
  6. Strong awareness of research internationally that is relevant to the chapter.
  7. Balanced approach to the chapter that if manly focused on one geographical region shows strong awareness of the wider international context for research, policy and practice.
  8. Balanced approach to the chapter that does not unduly highlight the authors’ research.
  9. Clear understanding of research methods including quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods designs.
  10. Coherent and compelling outline of the chapter.
  11. Clear focus and lines of argument in the outline of the chapter.
  12. Strong likelihood that the chapter will offer new insights into its topic in order to make a contribution to knowledge about research informed education policy and practice.

Proposals will be reviewed and scored against these criteria.

Chapter proposals should be emailed to:

The subject heading of the email should be:

‘BERA SAGE Handbook Chapter Proposal Part X or Part Y’

so that all applications get automatically directed to the correct email folders. ‘Part X and Part Y refer to the two parts of the handbook that have been nominated in the proposal. E.g. if Part 5 and Part 6 have been nominated then the subject title of the email should be: ‘BERA SAGE Handbook Chapter Proposal Part 5 or Part 6’

Accepted authors must be willing to collaboratively double-blind peer review at least one chapter in the handbook.


Submissions of chapter proposals is 5pm GMT on 30th June 2022

Decision on proposals: by 31st August 2022.

First full drafts of chapters: 31st May 2023 17:00 GMT

Final drafts of chapters after peer reviews: 31st December 2023 17:00 GMT

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