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The BERA Blog team to expand with three new editors

As the highly successful BERA Blog continues to grow in output and readership, we are delighted to announce that we are expanding its editorial team.

In the coming months, the BERA Blog will welcome three new editors: Naomi Flynn (University of Reading) will join the team in November 2023; Elizabeth Rushton (University of Stirling) will join in January 2024; and Jennifer Agbaire (The Open University) will join in March 2024. The editors will be introduced to the team in a staggered and strategic way to build capacity for reviewing submissions and implementing our strategic plans for the blog.

The three new editors will work with the existing team of Gerry Czerniawski (lead editor), Alison Fox, Barbara Skinner and Kathryn Spicksley to support the blog and contribute to its ongoing success. The incoming team members were appointed to the team through an open call advertised on the BERA website and through our newsletter and social channels in the summer.

The BERA Blog was established in 2015 to provide research-informed content on key educational issues in an accessible manner. The aim is to produce and promote articles that attract academics, policymakers, parents, teachers, educational leaders, members of school communities, politicians, and anyone who is interested in education today. Since its launch, the blog has received over 750,000 unique page views (UPVs) and in the last three years its annual UPVs have increased to 180,000. It reaches a large and growing audience both in the UK and beyond, across over 200 countries and territories.

The BERA Blog owes its achievements to the dedication, hard work and enthusiasm of its editorial team and its many authors, and BERA is excited to continue developing the blog’s reach and impact with the appointments of Naomi, Elizabeth and Jennifer. We warmly welcome them to the team and look forward to working with them.