BERA’s response to the HEFCE consultation on the next REF

28 March 2017

BERA commissioned Andrew Pollard, Chair of the Education sub-panel in the last REF exercise, to draft our response to the HEFCE consultation on the second Research Excellence Framework. This was completed and submitted by the deadline of March 17th 2017.  The process involved consulting members of the last REF Education sub-panel on the draft, and seeking from them a revised list of nominating bodies with an interest in education research.

Andrew Pollard worked with two members of Council, David James and President Gemma Moss, to produce the final submission. The detailed responses we were able to make to most of the questions come from the depth of knowledge and expertise that Andrew has accrued through his Chair role on the previous REF.  We think this is a robust submission that reflects some key interests of the education research field, and that raises collective concerns in an appropriate manner. 

We hope BERA members will read the response with interest and can take key messages back to their own institutions.