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BERA Race Equality Policy – 2022 Snapshot

In 2021, BERA Council agreed an ambitious policy and action plan for addressing racial inequities within the Association and within the wider research community. It also redoubled our commitment to bringing BERA’s resources and expertise to bear on wider issues of inequality and discrimination in education and society. 

As part of this policy, it was agreed it was important to recognise the need to measure the success of this policy and its associated action plan, to allow BERA to adjust and develop it accordingly where any stronger actions could be identified. Race and equality is a key theme throughout our activities and has been highlighted at key strategic BERA events, as well as forming a major strand of our Education: State of the Discipline Initiative.

The action plan and the statistics within it will be updated annually and BERA  to reported on this at the recent annual general meeting (AGM). 

A snapshot of some of the progress made in this area can be seen below or here.