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BERA President’s Roundtable seminar series 2015-16

PR Logo Master-1Methodological challenges in education(al) research

BERA is starting a series of presidential round table seminars that will draw on processes of agenda- setting, horizon-scanning, evidence review and user engagement to explore key methodological challenges facing the education research community in areas of substantive enquiry.

Each event will focus on a different methodological challenge, exploring current dilemmas that arise in the method’s context of use and setting out an agenda for future enquiry.  The seminars are designed to promote engagement and dialogue across different communities of practice in education. To facilitate free-flowing discussion, all the events will be held under Chatham house rules. The briefing papers prepared for the event and the summary points that emerge from the discussion will be published on the BERA website.

Presidential Round Table Seminar 1 – 26 November 2016

What are assessment data really good for? Reliability, validity and the politics of accountability and curriculum change in education.

Presidential Round Table Seminar 2 – Date TBC

Methodologies for researching with the most disadvantaged in situations of conflict

Presidential Round Table Seminar 3 – Date TBC

Researching recontextualisation, co-production and collaborative research in education policy and practice

Presidential Round Table Seminar 4 – Date TBC

Exploring theories of change in education: determining when and how x leads to y?