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BERA Elections notice 2014


There are 2 vacancies on our Council.

1 position elected to the role of Vice President

BERA Vice President

The Vice President elected this year will serve as BERA President between 2015-2017. Therefore, the successful candidate shall serve for one year as Vice President (President Elect), for two years as President, and for a further year as Vice President (Immediate Past President). Their role includes:

• Help set the strategic direction of BERA through their leadership of Council;

• Ensure this strategic direction is consistent across the main governance institutions of the association;

• Be the primary external voice and representative for BERA;

• Chair Council, GPC and Officers meetings;

• Oversee the management of the BERA Office through the Executive Director;

• Work with the Executive Director to ensure clear operational plans are in place.

BERA Council

BERA Council is the governing body of the Association and the members of the Council are, de facto, the Trustees of the Association as a registered Charity. The Council is the governing body of the Association and has ultimate authority and decision-making over all business including policy, planning and resources.  BERA is a company limited by guarantee with registered company number 08284220 and regulated charity number 1150237. As such, any individual elected to BERA Council will be required to sign a declaration to confirm that they are not disqualified from acting as a charity trustee.

Council meets 3 times a year with one of those meetings being a residential Awayday. In addition to these meetings, Council members are expected to serve on a BERA committee which will meet up to 3 times a year. While we understand that other commitments and circumstances might prevent attendance at all these meetings, members of Council should be able to make a commitment of a minimum of 6-8 days per year to BERA activities.

Further information about how BERA operates and the roles and responsibilities are available on our website:

If you want any further information or want to talk to us before standing, please contact Nick Johnson, Executive Director at

The term of office for all elected positions start in September 2014.

The term of office for Council membership is three years.

The term of office for Vice President is four years (2014/15 Vice President; 2015/16 and 2016/17 President; 2017/18 Vice President).


All current paid-up individual members of BERA are eligible to be nominated for election to BERA Council.

Nominations must be supported by at least two current individual members of BERA with the agreement of the nominated individual.

Nomination forms are available from: Barnaby Ho at Electoral Reform Services, via

Timetable for elections

Nominations open 3 February

Close 5pm, 3 March

Voting commences 17 March

Close 17 April

Results announced 28 April

Any queries should be addressed to:

Barnaby Ho

Electoral Reform Services

33 Clarendon Road

London, N8 0NW

Please note that successful candidates will be invited to the BERA Council Strategic Awayday as observers. This takes place in Christchurch on 12th to 14th May.

For more information about the elections in 2014 please read the elections notice.

The nomination form is below if you wish to stand for any of the positions.