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BERA Council Elections – Voting now open

BERA members will be receiving an email from UK Engage, an independent election services provider, with a unique code which will authenticate your visit to the secure voting site. Once in the site you can view the candidates’ statements at your leisure.

Voting for the BERA 2020 Council election opens today and will close on Sunday, 1 March at 5pm. There are 3 vacancies on our Council (Board of Trustees).

In recent years BERA has been going from strength to strength with record membership, a wide array of events, a successful annual conference and our four Journals as well as Research Intelligence and the Blog. BERA Council has significantly contributed to this; setting strategic priorities, providing academic leadership and helping our engagement within and beyond the academy.

Those elected to our Council have an important role in the governance of BERA, helping determine its strategic direction and bringing valuable perspectives to our activities.

By casting a vote, you can elect the people you think have the skills, knowledge, experience and drive to help run BERA. BERA is particularly seeking representation from practitioners and senior leaders in education. We are committed to equal opportunities and we want BERA Council to benefit from the advantages that diversity brings, including different skills, life experiences, backgrounds and expertise in educational research. Individuals are sought who have a strong empathy with BERA’s mission and strategic objectives. In order to ensure this broad range of voices, BERA Council have agreed to elect at least one school-based representative from the candidates listed.