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BERA Blog: Call for contributions on our response to the coronavirus crisis

COVID-19 has, over the last few weeks and months, transformed the way we live, work, research, teach and learn. The BERA community has not only an opportunity but a responsibility to provide evidence, advice and assistance to all stakeholders in education to help them navigate this new landscape and to thrive both within and beyond it.

For that reason we are inviting contributions to the BERA Blog that, in diverse ways, address the crisis in relation to education – whether by summarising new research or finding new applications for existing scholarship, or by sharing opinions, experiences and advice. This includes but is by no means limited to issues like distance learning and educational technology; the logistical, methodological and ethical challenges of conducting research remotely; and the effects of the crisis on staffing, funding and policy across the sector.

Everything has changed, so we need voices from every part of our community to tell us how they’ve been impacted, how we can and should respond, and what we haven’t yet thought of.

We are looking for BERA Blog articles of up to 750 words including references – click here for full submission guidelines. There is no deadline, but we encourage contributions as soon as possible for the benefit of our community.