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BCF launch event

BCF-Logo-Dark-BlueThe British Curriculum Forum (BCF) invites you to its launch on Saturday June 18th 2016. Over the last decade we have witnessed the radical transformation of the British educational landscape. This BCF event will bring together teachers, academics and policy makers to interrogate the academic, practical, ethical and social dimensions underpinning the notion of ‘curriculum’ and especially recent debates about knowledge and subjects in schools and FE.

The conference will also explore what is meant by curriculum research and how traditions in teacher research contribute to curriculum development and debate.

Aimed at all key stakeholders interested in shaping a future curriculum in schools key notes and workshops will be offered from leading practitioners, subject associations and universities. Speakers include:

09.00 Registration, tea and coffee
09.30 Welcome/opening comments/housekeeping
Gerry Czerniawski
09.40 Curriculum enquiry, curriculum leadership and the knowledge debates: a time of opportunity for the BCF vision?
Christine Counsell
10.10 What is the place of subjects in the curriculum?
Two curriculum ‘provocations’
Tim Oates and Mark Priestley
Chair: Vivienne Baumfield
11.00 Tea and coffee break
11.30 Choice of parallel seminars*
  Doing Justice to History: engaging teachers as pugilists, diggers and choreographers
Abdul Mohamud and Robin Whitburn
  Headteachers talk about knowledge-rich curricula: three perspectives on process and purpose
Carolyn Roberts, Hywel Jones
  Which languages should the children of Britain learn?
Arlene Holmes-Henderson
  In search of a curriculum for life: What is our problem with PSHE education?
Jenny Barksfield
13.00 Lunch and networking
14.00 Stenhouse and teachers’ curriculum enquiry: its relevance today
John Elliott
14.30 Knowledge, curriculum, disciplines and social justice: what does the sociology of knowledge have to offer school curriculum thinking?
In conversation:
Michael Fordham and Michael Young
Mary James
15.20 Discussion and closing remarks
16.00 Close of meeting

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