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2022 BERA Public Engagement and Impact Award Winners

The BERA Public Engagement and Impact Award recognises and celebrates the impact of research and practice in the education community and how both have demonstrably engaged the public.

The award is for:

  1. Individuals or teams whose educational research work has shown demonstrable public engagement and/or impact

  2. Practitioner(s) or researcher(s) whose work is grounded in educational research and has led to demonstrable public engagement
    and/or impact

  3. People whose activities have boosted public engagement with educational research and/or its impact, or whose efforts have increased recognition and support for education research in public

We are pleased to anounce this year’s winners of the award.

2022 Public Engagement and Impact Award Team Winners

Ulster University: “Future Schools: Northern Ireland”

The aim of the Future Schools Project was to support school communities who wished to explore whether there might be a more sustainable solution to primary school provision in their geographic area and provide guidance on how they could move forward with this in practice. This is a particular problem in Northern Ireland where a divided system of education has led to duplication of provision in some areas.

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2022 Public Engagement and Impact Award Individual Winner

Professor John Jerrim, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society

John Jerrim ‘s work on PISA reporting standards and his development of an analytic code has strengthened the environment in which quantitative education research is conducted. His work has impacted policymakers in the UK and internationally.

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Both award winners will work with Emerald Publishing to create a research summary, as well as feature in future issues of Research Intelligence.