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2021 BJET Fellowship

The BJET Fellowship is awarded to an individual with the most compelling proposal for a piece of research in the field of educational technology. The Fellowship lasts for one year and is worth £5,000.

The theme for submissions for 2021 was ‘How can Edtech be used to respond to changing contexts of learning in response to emerging global challenges/events as increasing numbers of learners are out of school?’

The BJET Editors are pleased to announce the 2021 BJET Fellowship was awarded to Thomas Weatherby (Goethe-University, Frankfurt) for his research proposal Development and Evaluation of a Web Application to Promote Student Collaboration in the Secondary Science Classroom”

Look out for Thomas’s research at the BERA 2021 Conference, in a 2022 BJET article, and 2022 Research Intelligence.

The editors would also like to highly commend the proposals made by the other shortlisted candidates Shannon Ludgate “In what ways can educational technology be used to support children with autism whenlearning in out of school contexts?” and Julia Sargent “Online staff professional development to support BAME students (OPD-4-BAME)”


2021 BJET Fellowship Winner

Thomas Weatherby

Goethe Universität Frankfurt

Thomas is a doctoral student in physics education research in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. As well as conducting research, he helps teach the practical courses for trainee physics teachers on mechanics, electro-magnetism and optics. Away from the...