BERA has 33 Special Interest Groups (SIGs), which represent the particular research concerns of groups of members and encompass both different disciplinary approaches to educational research and different educational concerns.

We also host dedicated forums for postgraduates and independent researchers, as well as the British Curriculum Forum.











Our SIGs and forums provide a research focus for all of our members. SIG activities and events take place across the UK and members can be involved by attending SIG meetings and events or through participation in the SIG online communities.

The current groups are listed on the right. You can find out more details, including the names of the SIG convenors, by clicking on these links. Join a SIG online today by logging into your member profile

In addition, we have recently launched the BERA Postgraduate Research Forum, and the BERA Independent Researcher’s Forum

If you are interested in an area that does not currently have a SIG, please get in touch as new groups can always be created if the demand is present.