Research Intelligence

Research Intelligence is BERA’s termly magazine. It carries announcements and news, as well as articles and features on a variety of issues about educational research. Recent themes have included Open Access, Teacher Education and Data Sets. It is free to BERA members and archive issues are available here.

Subscriptions are also available at the following rates for 2017: £60 to all UK based subscribers £70 to all other destinations.

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  • Spring 2014

    40 Years On: Reflections on Educational Research Higher Education and Globalisation Research on Classroom Interaction: The spectrum since 1970 40 Years On: Research into teacher-student talk The Rise of Assessment as Educational Research Racism and Social Theory No: 123 Publication date: March 2014 Research Intelligence 123 online reader

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  • Autumn/Winter 2013

    Diversity, Aspiration and Equality in Education Celebrity and Youth Aspirations: The significance of hard work Diversity, School Exclusion and Inequality Human Rights and Sexual Diversity: In South African classrooms Exploring Educational Success Against the Odds Addressing Race and Education Inequalities Issue No: 122 Publication date: November 2013 Research Intelligence 122 online reader

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  • Summer 2013

    Challenge and Change in Teacher Education Research-Informed Teacher Education for a New Era? Research Matters: School Direct Changing Trends in Teacher Education Policy and Practice What Kind of Occupation is Teaching? Educating Educators? A view from Scotland Issue No: 121 Publication date: August 2013 Research Intelligence 121 online reader

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  • Spring 2013

    Open Access: The Future of Academic Publishing? A Recipe for the Evolution of Scholarly Publishing Making Sense of Open Access Creating a New Open Access Journal: A case study Academic Spring Open Access: An international case study Issue No: 120 Publication date: April 2013 Research Intelligence 120 online reader

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