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In this episode Dr James Reid (University of Huddersfield) speaks to Jayne Edwards, an Assistant Headteacher of an inner city primary school in Yorkshire.
Jayne talks about her experience working in a primary school during Covid-19, and the challenges her school has faced providing for children’s varied and diverse care needs.

James and Jayne speak about the importance of listening to children’s voices and encouraging their participation in decision making in schools.

BERA’s Children and Childhoods Special Interest Group aims to explicate, develop, and enhance understandings of children and young people and their childhoods. This includes: how childhoods are shaped socially, historically and culturally, and how the ‘relational child’ experiences the educational institutions and forces that mediate their life. Find out more about the SIG here

Views expressed are the presenters own and not those of BERA.

In this Episode

Profile picture of James Reid
James Reid, Dr

Senior Lecturer at University of Huddersfield

Jim Reid joined the University in September 2008 and is a Senior Lecturer in Childhood Studies in the Department of Education and Community Studies. Subsequent to social work practice with children and their families and as a social work manager...