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In this mini episode Dr Tracy Hayes (University of Cumbria) and Dr Mark Leather (Plymouth Marjon University) discuss the importance of nature, outdoor learning and play before, during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The BERA Nature, Outdoor Learning and Play Special Interest Group is a forum for academics, practitioners, and students to engage critically in debates around nature, learning and play in outdoor settings, and brings together colleagues with diverse interests.

The aim of the SIG is to provide a focus for the wealth of outdoor learning research taking place in the UK, and beyond. Traditional elements that spawned the Scout Association, Outward Bound, the Duke of Edinburgh Award and the Sail Training Association still continue in the educational landscape. Other traditional forms of nature study and natural history provide ways of learning about the outside world and understanding our place within it.

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Views expressed are the presenters own and not those of BERA.

In this Episode

Tracy Hayes, Dr

Lecturer at University of Cumbria

Tracy Hayes is the current convenor for the Nature, Outdoor Learning and Play Special Interest Group. Tracy Hayes was awarded the 2018 Anna Craft Creativities in Education Prize for her paper Responsive, responsible research: Lexi’s...

Mark Leather, Dr

Senior Lecturer at Institute of Education, Plymouth Marjon University

Dr Mark Leather is, with Dr Tracy Hayes, a Convenor of BERA's Nature, Outdoor Learning and Play (NOLAP) special interest group (SIG). He is senior lecturer and programme area lead for the MRes in outdoor education/outdoor learning and BA (Hons)...