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What is it like to publish during your PhD? How can you continue to publish after your PhD? How is it different to publish a book as opposed to journal articles? How do you navigate the process of academic writing and publishing—ranging from revision to rejection and from solo work to collaboration? What and how can we learn from the publication process? 

Following the BERA Early Career Researcher Network’s popular 2020 event, Dr Yang Hu speaks to ECR Network Convenors Dr Oliver Hooper and Dr Yuwei Xu to share his experiences of publishing both during and after his PhD. Together they discuss potential issues to consider when publishing from one’s PhD research, possible ways to navigate (and survive and enjoy) the writing and peer review process, and some insights into solo versus collaborative research.

In this Episode

Yang Hu

Senior Lecturer at Lancaster University

Yang Hu is Senior Lecturer at the Department of Sociology, Lancaster University, UK. He obtained his PhD in Sociology from the University of Cambridge (October 2015). His research focuses on changing family, gender and sexual relations, and their...

Oliver Hooper, Dr

Research Associate at Loughborough University

Dr. Oliver Hooper is a Research Associate within the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences at Loughborough University, having graduated with a PhD from the same institution in 2018. Oliver’s research explores young people’s...

Yuwei Xu, Dr

Research Fellow in Early Years and Teacher Education at UCL Institute of Education

Dr Yuwei Xu is a Research Fellow at UCL Institute of Education and a Convenor of the BERA Early Career Researcher Network. He gained his PhD in gender and early childhood studies in 2018 from the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Yuwei is a...