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In this weeks podcast third year PhD student from the Open University, Bukola Oyinloye, interviews Dr Jie Gao from University College London.

Despite the plethora of physical and online resources available on the topic, the theoretical (or conceptual) framework remains an area of confusion for doctoral students. Once a student manages to understand what the concept means, they typically still struggle to apply it in their thesis.

This podcast unpacks the notion of a ‘theoretical and conceptual framework’ in a conversation between a near-completion doctoral student and a post-doctoral researcher who share their insights and experiences. The discussion focuses on three areas: a) understanding the meaning of the theoretical (or conceptual) framework; b) framing one’s theoretical or conceptual approach, and c) embedding the theoretical or conceptual approach into the findings.”

In this Episode

Bukola Oyinloye

Doctoral researcher at The Open University

Bukola is a doctoral researcher at The Open University, UK, where she explores rural Nigerian parents’ understandings of (and practices in relation to) schooling, including their relationships with their children’s public primary schools. Her...

Jie Gao

Research Fellow and Lecturer at UCL

Dr. Jie Gao is a Research Fellow and Lecturer at UCL Institute of Education. Her research background lies in the psychology of education. Her research interests mainly include parenting, children's play, agency, well-being and motivation...