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This episode of the BERA Podcast is the first from our series “Education for our planet and for our future.”

In this episode Kevin Smith (Cardiff University) interviews Catherine Dunn and Jack Reed from the University of Edinburgh who discuss the inspiration for their contribution to “Education for our planet and our future” a special edition of the BERA Blog focusing on educational research and our current climate crisis.

Jack and Catherine reflect on their experiences with an old, oak tree deep in the heart of the Cairngorms and lessons learned from engaging in place-responsive pedagogy.

You can watch the video Catherine and Jack produced “Dear Oak” here:

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Views expressed are those of the authors and not those of BERA.

In this Episode

Kevin Smith, Dr

Cardiff University

Kevin Smith is a Senior Lecturer in Education in the School of Social Sciences. His research interests include curriculum theory, critical pedagogy and cultural studies. He is also committed to developing capacity for educational research...

Catherine Dunn

University of Edinburgh

Catherine Dunn is a postgraduate student studying an MSc in outdoor education. Catherine has been heavily involved in climate activism at Edinburgh University and has worked extensively with both the university executive and student body. Her...

Jack Reed

University of Edinburgh

Jack completed an MSc in Outdoor Education at the University of Edinburgh in January 2020. He began a PhD at the University of Edinburgh in October 2020 researching the influence of mobile devices and social media on the transfer of learning in...