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In this episode of the BERA Podcast Nick Johnson, Chief Executive of BERA speaks to Dr Tony Breslin about his new book: Lessons from Lockdown: The Educational Legacy of COVID-19.

Tony is a public policy analyst, educational commentator, curriculum development specialist and governance trainer. His new book draws on the voices of more than a hundred pupils, parents and professionals and reveals how teachers and learners are adapting practice in areas such as curriculum modelling, parental engagement, assessment and evaluation and blended and online learning.

Tony and Nick discuss the impact of COVID-19 on our schooling systems and what the long-term ramifications of the pandemic might be for the pedagogy and purpose of formal education.

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In this Episode

Profile picture of Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson

Chief Executive Officer at BERA

Nick has been the Chief Executive Officer at BERA since April 2012. He has a considerable background of management and advising on strategic direction in organisations concerned with public policy. Between 2004-7, he was the Director of Policy...

Profile picture of Tony Breslin
Tony Breslin, Dr

Dr Tony Breslin is an independent researcher, school improvement specialist and policy analyst. He is chair at Bushey Primary Education Federation, co-founder of Transform Governance and director at Breslin Public Policy Limited. His recent...