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Every year BERA awards the John Nisbet Fellowship to people who are deemed to have made an outstanding contribution to educational research over their career. Named in honour of our first President, this award recognises individuals who exemplify BERA’s commitment to encouraging educational research and its application for the improvement of practice and public benefit.

 In 2019 we awarded the John Nisbet fellowship to three recipients: Professor Mary James, Professor Andrew Pollard and Professor Walter Humes.

Today’s podcast is an interview between our Vice-President Gary McCulloch and Professor Mary James and Professor Andrew Pollard.

This interview was recorded at the 2019 BERA Annual Conference in Manchester.

In this Episode

Gary McCulloch, Professor

BERA Past-President at UCL, Institute of Education

Gary McCulloch is the inaugural Brian Simon Professor of the History of Education at the founding director of the International Centre for Historical research in Education at UCL Institute of Education.  He was (2017-2019) the president of the...

Mary James, Professor

Retired at University of Cambridge

Mary James was born in Surrey on 21st March 1946. He father was a skilled joiner and her mother was a factory worker. She failed the 11+ exam so was ‘educated’ at secondary modern and bi-lateral schools before qualifying as a teacher at...

Andrew Pollard, Professor

Higher Education Researcher at UCL Institute of Education

Andrew Pollard was brought up in Devon and has a family background in printing and in farming.  He received his BA in Sociology and Economics from the University of Leeds, PGCE in Education from the University of Lancaster, MEd and PhD, in the...