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In this episode of the BERA Podcast BERA Chief Executive Nick Johnson speaks to Dr Olivene Burke (University of the West Indies) about educational research in the Caribbean and her academic work in marginalized community development.

Dr Olivene Burke is the Executive Director of the Mona Social Services, UWI, Jamaica.
Along with her colleagues Tenneisha Nelson and Vanessa Ellis Colley, Olivene Burke is a recipient of the BERA Covid-19 Small Grant Award 2020 for their research project: Access to education in a time of pan(dem)ic in Jamaica rural and urban primary (K-6) schools’ experience.

In this Episode

Profile picture of Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson

Chief Executive Officer at BERA

Nick has been the Chief Executive Officer at BERA since April 2012. He has a considerable background of management and advising on strategic direction in organisations concerned with public policy. Between 2004-7, he was the Director of Policy...

Profile picture of Olivene Burke
Olivene Burke, Dr

Executive Director of the Mona Social Services at UWI Jamaica

Dr Olivene Burke is the Executive Director of the Mona Social Services, UWI, Jamaica since 2011. She has combined her academic work to her passion for marginalized community development and utilized her skills as a lecturer in Transformational...

Tenneisha Nelson

Tenneisha Nelson holds a PhD in Educational Administration from the University of Saskatchewan. Her areas of research are leadership theory and practice, school leadership and the principalship, rural education, school improvement and change...

Profile picture of Vanessa Ellis Colley
Vanessa Ellis Colley

University of Saskatchewan

Vanessa Ellis Colley is a Ph.D. candidate in Educational Administration and holds a Teacher Scholar Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Saskatchewan. Her research interests are higher education leadership, policy development, leadership...