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In this episode of the BERA Podcast Nick Johnson, Chief Executive at BERA interviews Professor Gemma Moss (UCL-IOE) about her latest research project “A duty of care and a duty to teach: educational priorities in response to the COVID-19 crisis”
Gemma speaks about the diverse roles English primary schools find themselves playing in their local communities, the challenges they faced in immediate response to Covid-19 and the challenges they now face as schools have returned. In particular, she outlines the findings of her research project that suggests what schools’ priorities should be right now and how that potentially conflicts with the priorities of the Department for Education, not least their focus on too-frequent assessment in primary schools. She also outlines the key recommendations from the project – for schools, for teachers, for Ofsted and for the DfE.


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A duty of care and a duty to teach: educational priorities in response to the Covid-19 crisis’.

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Gemma Moss, Professor

Professor of Literacy at IOE Faculty of Education and Society, UCL

Gemma Moss is professor of literacy and director of the International Literacy Centre at the UCL Institute of Education. Prior to that she was a professor at the University of Bristol. She is interested in the shifting relationships between...