The History SIG will provide a base for historical research, theories, representations and methodologies in education.

It includes for example the history of education, biography and life-history; and the history curriculum and representations of history in informal educational settings across life-cycles and societies as well as schools and schooling. It will engage with other branches of history while seeking to understand and address inequalities in education and society over the longer term, and will aim to contribute to the research agendas posed in other SIGs across the range of BERA’s work. P

Professor Gary McCulloch of the UCL Institute of Education will act as the initial convenor of the new SIG. Gary would welcome ideas from BERA members for History SIG activities including plans for the BERA 2016 Leeds conference. If you would like to join the new BERA History SIG please go to the link below to sign up. Paper proposals in this area for the 2016 BERA Conference are also very welcome.

The annual conference of the UK History of Education Society will take place at the University of Liverpool in November 2015. The new BERA SIG will be advertised at the conference and it will be noted and discussed at the AGM of the Society. The first annual general meeting of the SIG will be held at the Leeds BERA conference in September 2016, and will decide on longer-term management arrangements and roles and responsibilities for 2016-17.

Latest SIG Content

Why might BERA wish to thank Margaret Thatcher?

4 September 2017 | Blog

What does BERA owe to Margaret Thatcher?  It sounds like a weird pub quiz question, and may have an even weirder answer.  When BERA’s inaugural conference met in Birmingham in April 1974, Thatcher had already lost her post as secretary of... [...]

Some Thoughts on the Popularity and Value of Educational Research

18 August 2017 | Blog

In view of the current popularity of educational research, it's easy to forget that this field of study has only gained academic approval relatively recently. In 1982 I  tried to register with the Council for National Academic Awards to... [...]

Education, history and democracy

6 July 2016 | Event

       Online registration has now closed. If you want to attend this event, please email enquiries@bera.ac.uk for details of how to register onsite.This is the launch event for the newly established BERA History special interest... [...]

Asa Briggs – a champion of history and education

23 March 2016 | Blog

The first issue of the journal History of Education, published in 1972, was notable for the contributions of distinguished figures in the history of education itself and of social history more broadly.  One was Simon Schama, a star of the... [...]

BERA launches new History SIG

12 October 2015 | Post

BERA Council has approved the introduction of a new special interest group in History.  The History SIG will provide a base for historical research, theories, representations and methodologies in education.  It includes for example the history... [...]

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