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English in Education

30 May 2017

  The English in Education SIG will provide a forum for researchers to investigate what is a broad and complex area of knowledge – its starting point is the school subject of English --- but it will embrace many aspects of the subject as it exists in all phases of education and include all...Read More

Children and Childhoods

27 November 2015

The aim of Children and Childhoods SIG is to explicate, develop, and enhance understandings of children and young people and their childhoods. This includes: how childhoods are shaped socially, historically and culturally, and how the ‘relational child’ experiences the educational...Read More


12 October 2015

The History SIG, a relatively new SIG within the BERA family, is a broad church for researchers and practitioners situated within the fields of history of education and history education to consider areas of mutual interest including historical research, theories, representations and...Read More

Alternative Education

2 October 2014

This SIG stands for educational interests underpinned by significant democracy and autonomy. We don't have many answers (yet and even then we'll be careful) but we do know that there is a world of 'difference' educationally speaking, which is other from a lot of what passes as 'acceptable' or...Read More

Independent Researchers’ Forum

11 September 2014

BERA is pleased to launch a new Forum for Independent Researchers - designed to support anyone in the field of educational research who is operating outside of academic institutions. The role of the Forum includes enabling people to learn from each other, to share their interests and...Read More

British Curriculum Forum

19 February 2014

        The British Curriculum Forum aims to bring together all those with an interest in collaborative curriculum, research and development.

Through events, awards and grants, the BCF supports communication and collaboration in the study and practical implementation of the...Read More